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  • Copyright troll abuses DMCA in bid to censor his previous life as a troll-fighter

    DC attorney Mike Meier once worked with EFF to fight copyright trolls, whom he called “bill collectors for the movie industry…extorting money” — now he’s joined the trolls as a professional “bill collector,” and now he wants evidence of his past life censored and is prepared to send outrageously…

  • Vaccines and junk journalism

    Vaccines and junk journalism

    Good grief. KBZK posted a story yesterday with the following headline: “Experts: childhood vaccines deemed safe.”

    Was this really news on July 1, 2014? Did we not know this one, simple thing before?

    Granted, there are anti-vaccination people out there who rely on junk science and exaggerated anecdotes to form their opinions about the safety of vaccines. But, and this is important, they are the…

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    Superhero Watercolors

    By Blule | Full Gallery

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  • Democrats argue. Republicans contend. We have no idea. He said, she said classic at the Times. » Pressthink
  • Five Things to Know About The New York Times' New Native Ads
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I don’t even remember where I found this gif, but it’s fucking hilarious


Ah, yes.



    I don’t even remember where I found this gif, but it’s fucking hilarious


    Ah, yes.

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  • No opinions here

    I want to be a better blogger, but my streaks of passion for subjects are sporadic. I’m rarely worked up about anything except the notion of net neutrality, so it’s hard for me to be one of these outspoken tweeters or bloggers who’s out there saying IMPORTANT THINGS LOUDLY.

    I would rather quietly make things that amuse me and be sarcastic and awful in person than broadcast those things to the web. I also have this terrible advanced state ADHD, where I feel like if my attention lingers for too long on a single topic, I wither and die a little more inside because I’m limiting myself somehow. Makes topical blogging hard.

  • "

    To me, the core of that attraction is that she is a better reporter than he is. Think about being Superman for a second. The Olympic record for weightlifting is 1,038 lbs., but you could lift more than that as a child. The record for the 100 meter dash is 9.58 seconds, but you can travel over 51 miles in that time. Going to Vegas? You don’t need your X-Ray vision to win at Blackjack, because you can just count the cards while holding down a conversation about nuclear physics. Without really trying, you are better at just about everything than anyone else in the world.

    However, (as Mark Waid once pointed out in a podcast with Marv Wolfman) none of that really translates to your chosen profession. Typing really fast does not help your prose. Being able to lift a tank does not help you convince a source to go on record. It is as near to competing straight up with normal people as Superman would ever be capable of. Even then, it comes easily enough to him that you get a pretty lofty perch at a great paper very early in your career. It is just in this one context, there is someone better than you are: Lois Lane.

    As mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, you reach up for the first time in your life and she rejects you.

    To me, it is an inversion of the Luthor story. Luthor sees someone above him and feels hate. Superman sees someone above him and feels love.


    Dean Hacker, comment on “Giving Lois Lane A Second Look, For The First Time” by Kelly Thompson (CBR: She Has No Head!)


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